Where can the system be installed?

The Drone in a Box system can be installed almost anywhere, the requirements are very simple: Internet connection via 4G/5G / Wifi / Ethernet, a power supply, and level ground to place the unit on.

What do I need to provide to run the system?

The main requirement is a flat piece of secure land, and a power supply. The system does require internet connectivity, but this is achieved through an embedded sim and 4G/5G network, or Wifi / Ethernet connection. The area the unit is installed in will therefore require reasonable mobile network coverage as well if there is no permanent network availability.

Can I access the system anywhere remotely?

Yes, access to the system is achieved through a secure server unique to each system and can be accessed, monitored and flown from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

How do i access the data from the drone?

The station will download the data from the drone to a central server, this can then be drawn down to any location the user wishes to send it.

Can I set geofences and safety parameters?

Yes, the Ground Control System (GCS) allows a wide range of safety parameters to be set, including geofences, safe flight heights, range and no fly zones all before any mission takes place.

What happens if the drone loses connection or goes outside of the safety zones?

There are a host of safety features and fail-safes built into the system to guarantee that there is minimal possibility that an issue can occur, however the default for the system will always be to return the drone to the station, which it can achieve without any network or input from the user if required.

How does the drone know where the station is?

Through geopositioning and image capture the drone uses a combination of these systems to know exactly where the station is and is able to return to this point in the event of any system outage, meaning the drone can never get lost.

What data does the drone capture?

Depending on the specific drone in the system, it will capture video and image data, including thermal imaging if enabled, as well as GPS data. This data can then be used to create 3D maps of an area, inspect buildings and assets, and assess changes in an environment.

How do I know it is safe to fly if the pilot is working remotely?

The system incorporates a remote video feed which displays the station in its location, this forms part of the pre-launch safety checks to make sure that the station is clear of any obstructions and it is safe to fly. The feed for the remote camera is available remotely and can be accessed through the Ground Control System.

Are there any additional fees or costs associated with the system?

Typically the system is provided with everything that is required to install and start flying. The only thing to consider is a mobile network connection, which is typically provided on a monthly contract, like any mobile phone contract, to allow for the system to be networked.

What is the maintenance schedule?

It is recommended to inspect the station every 6 months to check all moving parts and connections are in full working order. The drone itself will ultimately require a replacement battery in line with manufacturer guidance, depending on the number of flights completed. It is important to note that the system is designed to live in every environment, and as such more hostile environments such as coastal areas may require more regular maintenance checks.

How does the drone charge?

The system is designed to require zero human interaction in order to fly, return to home, charge and then be ready to fly again. This is achieved through HEROTECH8’s reengineering of the power system, which allows the drone to charge wirelessly through contact pads on the station landing pad. Once a flight is complete the drone will land in the station, and power will immediately be provided to recharge the battery and get the drone ready for its next flight.

How many flights can I complete a day?

The system can be deployed as many times as a user wishes, it is only dependent on allowing time for the batteries to recharge. Typically a 20 minute flight will require a 1 hour recharge.

What countries is the system available in?

HEROTECH8 can supply the system to any country in the world, shipping and local taxes do of course apply.

Can I automate missions before the flights take place?

Mission plans can be written, defined and saved within the ground control system in advance of flights. The missions can then be repeated as many times as a user wishes at the click of a button. If a regular flight plan is required on a daily / weekly / monthly basis these can be scheduled and automated in line with any safety requirements to authorise the flights.

Can I adjust missions during flights?

Absolutely, users can take manual control of the drone at any time during the flights, adjusting camera angles, data capture, altitude and yaw. Go to point setting is also available at any time.

Can I integrate the system with other onsite systems, such as security?

Yes, the station is designed for APIs to be integrated, and is able to work with other control systems, depending on those specific systems in question.

Can I use multiple systems in series?

Yes, a network of drones can be implemented, allowing for multiple inspection and surveillance points. Drones can move between stations depending on charging and range requirements, and the management of the drones can all be controlled through a single control centre.

Can I view the data feed in more than one place?

The Ground Control System allows for the control of the drone to be accessed anywhere, there is also the functionality to share just the live data feed to anybody as well. By sharing the video feed link, any interested parties can watch the live data feed as the missions take place.

Where is the data stored?

The data is downloaded from the drone once the mission is complete. This data is then uploaded to HEROTECH8’s secure cloud server. From here the data can be drawn down to any other servers / local systems that the user wishes.

Can I choose the drone that the system uses?

The Drone in a Box system is designed to be agnostic. In most instances HEROTEHC8 supply the systems using DJI drones, however with minimal development the system is capable of supporting other commercially viable drone products.

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