The drone station is equipped with our unique guidance system that enables users to fly drone missions remotely from anywhere in the world via a secure internet connection. The drone, therefore, requires no physical interaction to deploy, fly, and return to base.

The station is built around our automated recharging system and is completely self-maintained. The drone is charged through the station, and all vital signs are monitored through the station’s diagnostic systems, meaning the system is always ready to go.

The stations are equipped with heating and ventilation systems, meaning they can be installed and utilised in any environment.

Data transfer to cloud-based servers allow for the data capture to be viewed and accessed anywhere, with no requirement to physically access the drone.


The communications module provides flexibility to access our stations from anywhere in the world through the internet, or from within your secure local network. Access can either be to control or just monitor flights and missions, meaning multiple stakeholders can see what the drone sees live.

Each system is equipped with CCTV to provide visuals of the station itself, this allows takeoff and landing stages to be streamed in real-time to the remote operator for safety, and recorded for assurance purposes.


The stations are “drone agnostic” and as such provide a high level of flexibility. As standard, we integrate with industry-proven drone platforms and are compatible with DJI, Parrot and Yuneec platforms that are widely used across industries.

Command & Control

Our versatile command & control software enables remote pilots to design missions, assume control of their designated platforms, and manage the captured data.

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