Large scale construction sites require up to the minute, comprehensive data capture for a host of requirements. These can include anything from topographical mapping and digital twin creation to marketing and time-lapse video production.

The HEROTECH8 system incorporates a myriad of features developed specifically for the construction and built environment industries, such as interval data capture, waypoint smoothing and mass data exportation. Regular aerial visualisation of a site can assist with planning and progress tracking, as well as asset management and site security.

By installing a dedicated remote access drone system, the need to send individuals to the site and the administration required to do so is completely removed. Businesses can have live data feeds from multiple sites all fed into a centralised point, allowing the whole business to see exactly what is happening when.


Always Available

Constantly updating data streams creates a ‘live environment’ that is always available.

Virtual Analysis

Accuracy and detail is such that engineering decisions and analysis can be completed through a virtual platform.

Automated Data Capture

Ero requirement for individuals to be onsite to capture data.

Immediate Distribution

Data can be distributed almost immediately anywhere in the world, as required.

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