Drones have become a key part of the emergency services’ tool kit, providing rapid response and visualisation to inform decisions and situational planning. A dedicated drone asset located, for example, on the roof of an emergency service building gives around the clock access to aerial surveillance at the push of a button.

The system can be deployed and operated by the dispatch team completely remotely, and makes getting “eyes in the sky” possible in a matter of minutes, ready to go at any time. From rapid surveillance to missing person searches, a ready to go drone system can make all the difference in critical situations.

The drones themselves can also integrate thermal camera technology, further aiding with person searches and identification, as well as adding 24/7 capability to the system.


Immediate Response

Immediate response to emergency situations providing aerial visualisation at the click of a button.


Hugely more cost-effective than traditional helicopter deployment.

Assess Risk

The system can be used to assess situational risks in advance of deploying teams.

Safe and Fast

Far safer and faster to deploy than vehicles as a first response.

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