HEROTECH8 delivers connected drone-in-a-box technology to support round-the-clock automated drone operations. Our solution enables industries to automatically deploy, recover and recharge drones without ever requiring human interaction to fly.

The revolutionary technology allows mass adoption and access to aerial inspection and monitoring capabilities, without the need for onsite pilots or teams. The systems can be accessed anywhere in the world by the users and can provide immediate live feed data at the touch of a button. By leveraging advances in IOT technologies, the entire operation of the remote access drone can be completed through cloud services and secure servers.


HEROTECH8 is a robotics and software development company, based between Cranfield (UK) and Berkeley (USA). The founding members developed the idea through the continued progression in remote system access, exploring the possibility of completely autonomizing the control and data management of a drone system. From the initial concept phase, HEROTECH8 now have customers all over the globe using the system across industries such as Border Control, Airport Security, Defence services, Construction and Facility Management, as well as Police and Emergency Services.

Meet the Team

Edward Anastassacos, CEO and Co-Founder

Edward Anastassacos

CEO and Co-Founder

Edward, CEO and co-founder, leads business strategy and partnership development alongside fund-raising activities. Edward previously led a number of UK Government’s UAS programmes, managing the UK Drone Pathfinder and the Open UAS Traffic Management initiatives. As an engineer, Edward has previously worked on guidance, navigation and control systems for spacecraft and unmanned vehicles. Edward graduated with a degree in Astronautics and Spacecraft Systems Engineering from Cranfield University.

Robin Gojon

Chief Technology Officer

Robin is the Chief Technology Officer at Herotech8 and is responsible for driving the company’s technological needs as well as its research and development (R&D). Robin’s focus is on developing policies and procedures and use technology to enhance products and services that focus on external customers’ needs. Robin completed his Master of Science: Robotics and Control Systems through ESME Sudria Paris.

Mike Edwards

Head of Business Development

Mike is our resident drone application specialist. He implements the business strategy, working closely with our key clients and partners ensuring Herotech8 delivers on our stakeholder demands whilst building a drone enabled infrastructure which is fit for purpose. In addition to a degree in GIS Mike has over a decades worth of experience enabling technology in the built environment -from remote sensing and non destructive testing to reality capture and of course drones.

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