Southern Asia: Border Control


HEROTECH8 supply Automated Drone Stations for a huge range of applications, with security often being an important element. Several units are working as part of national security and border control operations all over the world. In this environment, automated drone surveillance adds a huge amount of value to a security infrastructure, both in terms of the obvious ability to capture and relay live events across a large, but also as a highly effective deterrent. One particular national security agency in Southern Asia utilises multiple HERTOECH8 systems to control crossings and observe from the sky exactly what happens along the length of their borders.

Drone in a Box Use Case

Trying to secure long expanses of any country’s borders has always been a challenge. Fixed camera systems will always allow for blind spots and are cost prohibitive based on the huge numbers required to cover miles and miles of border. A strategic deployment of Automated Drone Stations means that security teams can monitor large areas without ever needing to send manual patrols. The ability to respond to threats or alerts quickly and efficiently means that the human resources in these security teams can be far more effectively deployed.

By utilising multiple Drone in a Box systems, border forces can create 24/7 aerial patrols, meaning there is always an “eye in the sky”. As one drone returns to home to recharge, another is deployed, with the HEROTECH8 system intelligently managing mission control and battery charging requirements.

The dynamic and continued surveillance of these environments represents a major step forward for the security operations in question. Multiple threats and risks have been identified and dealt with as a direct result of the HEROTECH8 systems being operational, and the importance of keeping borders secure is of the upmost importance.

Wider Applications

Borders of course make up many thousands of miles of land which all represent a risk or challenge in terms of national security. The Installation of full-time drone systems makes monitoring of these areas far more efficient in terms of cost, time and resource. As a result the expectation is that Drone in a Box networks will continue to grow in this area, as well as many other security based environments.

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